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January 2024 Trade Justice Bulletin

Inside this edition:

  1. Introduction

  2. AFTINET submission to the JSCOT Review of the amended ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Area

  3. AFTINET’s updated ISDS briefing explains Clive Palmer’s cases against Australia and much more

  4. Australia announces trade deal negotiations with UAE, despite human rights and labour concerns

  5. ISDS updates: English High Court rules US$11bn ISDS settlement against Nigeria was obtained by fraud and corruption, Panama sued by 3+ mining companies after supreme court rules mining contract unconstitutional and Pakistan agrees to new ISDS provisions, despite previous policy to terminate ISDS agreements

  6. US policy change in WTO and IPEF trade deals supports national regulation of AI, privacy, cyber security

  7. Medicines access updates: Vaccine hoarding had led EU countries to destroy over €4 billion in COVID vaccines

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