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AFTINET 2021 AGM: Dr. Deborah Gleeson on vaccine equity and trade

November 11, 2021: At the AFTINET 2021 AGM, our special guest Dr. Deborah Gleeson gave a keynote speech on the campaign for global vaccine equity. In her speech, Deborah updated AFTINET supporters on campaign developments in the leadup to the World Trade Organisation Ministerial Meeting at the end of November, and she spoke about the next steps the world must take to secure vaccine equity through a waiver on medicines monopolies at the WTO

States have human rights obligations to support TRIPS Waiver, says International Commission of Jurists

November 11, 2021: Ahead of critical meetings in the World Trade Organisation (WTO) this month, the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) has published a legal opinion detailing the human rights obligations of countries in regards to the proposed TRIPS Waiver on COVID-19 vaccine monopolies.

Campaign win: Australia cuts ties with Energy Charter Treaty (ECT)

November 8, 2021: In a significant step forward in the campaign against Investor-State Dispute Settlements (ISDS), Australia has announced its withdrawal from its signatory status to the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT), on September 28, 2021. The ECT is an investment agreement that allows fossil-fuel companies to sue governments in international tribunals for climate action policies.

Media Release: ‘Each-way bet’: Trade Minister declines to co-sponsor waiver on COVID vaccine monopolies

November 4: On the eve of an important World Trade Organisation (WTO) meeting on intellectual property this week, the Government has revealed that Australia will not co-sponsor a proposal to waive commercial monopolies on COVID19 vaccines, as Shadow Trade Minister Madeleine King MP and campaigners have urged.