TPP: Take Action!

Draft points for submission to the JSCOT inquiry and the Senate inquiry on the TPP-11

Your submission will be most effective if it is in your own words, and related to your experience. Below are some points you can use. The  TPP-11 text can be found here.

Email to both JSCOT and Senate Inquiries or upload on their websites by April 20, 2018. 

  1. Joint standing Committee on Treaties TPP-11 Inquiry
  2. Senate Inquiry

Revised TPP-11 text is largely unchanged: independent assessment and Senate Inquiry needed

Media release, February 21 2018: “The new text of the revised and rebranded Comprehensive Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership between Australia and 10 other countries without the US contains minor additional change since last November. Some other governments have demanded further changes, but the Australian government has not,” Dr Patricia Ranald, AFTINET Convener said today.

Dr Kyla Tienhaara to speak on ISDS, the TPP and the US elections

All members and supporters are invited to our annual AGM at 5.30pm Wednesday, November 9 at the Finance Sector Union on Pitt St in Sydney. Guest speaker Kyla Tienhaara has recently returned from the US and is the author of a new report finding that Australia should learn from Canada's experience with 39 ISDS cases being brought by US companies after signing the NAFTA trade agreement. Kyla will speak on ISDS, the TPP and the US election.

Tweet to Jason Clare, new Labor Shadow Trade Minister

Jason Clare MP is the new Shadow Minister for Trade & Investment, which means he has a powerful role in deciding Labor's position on the TPP and ultimately whether the deal is ever ratified in Australia.

Let Mr Clare know why you are concerned about the deal by sending him a message on Twitter. Here are some examples: 

Hi @JasonClareMP. I'm worried the #TPP is good for corporations and bad for people:

Hi @JasonClareMP. I'm concerned the #TPP is bad for #health, the #environment & #democracy:

You can also sign the SumOfUs petition to reject the TPP here.